Privacy Policy

Here is a quick look at the privacy practices for Wyoming Name Change.  We want to make sure you understand how we store and use information.
This page will discuss and walk you through the following areas:
  • Our use of cookies to enable anonymous website reporting on the visitors we receive.
  • Information collected from visitors through our self-help forms. We also cover how we use this information, and who we share it with.
  • Where we store the information our visitors provide, and how often we delete it to protect their privacy.
Use of Cookies for Website Reporting
Our website uses cookies to enable Google Analytics reporting. This allows us to see the total number of visitors that come to our site. We can also determine what pages they look at. This information helps us improve the site and our information over time.

The Google Analytics data we have access to is completely anonymous. It does not give us any personal information about our visitors.
Information Collection, Use, and Sharing
We only collect information that our visitors voluntarily provide through our self-help forms, or through any emails and contact requests sent to us.

We use the information from our self-help forms to generate pre-filled legal documents that are downloaded and printed by our visitors at their request. Any information that is sent to us by email or contact requests will only be used to respond back to the sender.

We will never give or sell our visitors information to anyone else. It is only used to generate pre-filled legal documents to assist with legal name updates in the state of Wyoming.
Information Storage and Retention
When information is given to us using our self-help forms, the data is temporarily stored by our technology partners. This is necessary for us to perform our magic and generate perfect pre-filled documents that can be downloaded and printed by our visitors.

Every week the information stored with our technology partners is deleted. This makes sure that our visitor’s data is not stored longer than needed. We do not store any personal information ourselves, so once it has been deleted from our partners it is gone for good!
If you have any questions or concerns you can contact us at