Name Change Process Costs

There are two different fees when you file a name change petition in Wyoming. 

First, you will need to pay a filing fee with your local court. The filing fee is generally $120. In cases of hardship the court will consider waiving this fee.

Second, you will need to pay a fee to your local newspaper to publish a notification of your name change. The cost of this will vary by the newspaper.  We strongly recommend contacting your local newspaper to determine this cost before you proceed.  The cost of publication is often $300 or more.

Please note the court does not charge filing fees for name restorations within 60 days of a divorce.  

Name change petition fees

  • Filing your name change petition in county or district court - usually $120 (Natrona County is $170).  You can apply to have the court consider waiving this fee if you are unable to pay.
A general estimate for the complete name change process would be $500 (including filing fee and publication costs)

Fees to update other documents

We also help you fill out paperwork to update an applicant’s name on other forms. You can choose to fill out or skip any of these.
  • Fee to update the name on your Wyoming birth certificate - $45
  • Fee to update your name on your Wyoming driver’s license - $30
  • Fee to update your name with the Social Security Administration - Free
  • Active US Passports issued less than one year ago - Free
  • Active US Passports issued more than one year ago - $110
Most people will need to pay $75 in fees to update these additional documents. These can be filed once your name change is complete with the courts.

What does your site charge?

per user, simple monthly payment
We charge a fee of $9 per month to use the interviews on our site to generate name change forms.

This allows us to keep our information and forms up to date. Your support also helps us develop other websites like this one to help with different legal issues.

Customers will receive a Wyoming Name Change account. This allows you and members of your household to access this site and fill out forms while subscribed.
  • Access full site
  • Fill Out Forms Any Time
  • No limit to how many times you can use our service
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Next Steps

Right now we can help with your name change if you are 18 or older. We are currently in the process of building interviews to help children under 18. Please check back soon if you need to complete a name change for a child.

On the next page you will have the option to purchase a subscription to our site. The cost is $9.99 per month. This allows you and anyone in your household to have access to our site while you are a member.

This fee also allows us to develop more sites like this to help the people of Wyoming. We look forward to helping you with your name change and will see you on the other side!