Forms We Will Help
You Fill Out

We offer the following forms you can fill out online. Each form has a fully guided interview. The interview will walk you through the process of filling out each form. We also help you download and print each one when they are complete.
Forms We Will Help You Fill Out:
  • Wyoming Name Change Petition (the interview will guide you to the correct version)
  • Wyoming Civil Cover Sheet
  • Wyoming Notice of Publication
  • Wyoming Birth Certificate Update
  • Wyoming Driver’s License Gender Update Form (if you are changing your gender)
  • Social Security Card Update
  • US Passport Update
  • Name Change Letters for Other Organizations
  • Each of these forms can be filled out now or skipped when you get to them. The choice is yours.
  • However, we recommend that most people fill out the name change petition packet, birth certificate update, and social security update forms.
  • We will also guide you through the process of updating your driver’s license with the department of motor vehicles (DMV). Although you will need to go to one of their offices to fill out forms.